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Catch my views on dating for single women in the millennium!

Meet TV and Film actress Coco Manghnani, who beautifully articulated that most men don't really express interest in getting to know a woman on social media platforms or respond to the CONTENT of her posts. They simply respond to the visual content in an upload. She also shares how it helps if a man has an interesting journey behind him..if he has a well stocked mind and is "not just building empty ventures through bank loans and then declaring bankruptcy when convenient!"  #MindTheGap #lockdownlife #nettiquette #booklaunch #summer2020

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THANK YOU Sangeeta for airing my views and including them in your upcoming book MIND THE GAP ! Much needed in the changing emotional environment of today. And i THANK GOD for the guys who do read my feed.

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I made this beautiful artwork to generate awareness and support the wild elephants.

Click on link below to order a print or donate.

Catch a glimpse of my views on India Today News

Catch a glimpse of my views on India Today News

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My views were featured on India Today news channel on the rising prices of essential products and limited banking facilities available during these difficult times of the outbreak with Tv Anchor Shiv Aroor, live at 5 program #lockdown diaries

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Beauty Mantra for the Week


Wellness Mantra for the Week

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